More Experimentation with Portraits

As my art GCSE exam has been progressing, I have been taking inspiration from more and more artists, in this case – Kris Trappeniers and Paolo Ceric. Both of these artists use line work in both regular and zentangle-like patterns to create the forms of the face. On the left is inspired by Ceric and on the right, Trappeniers. Both are self portraits of myself drawn in fineliners!


The pieces below are then further experimentation in the style of Kemi Mai, as previously explored in the last post, although this time in soft pastels!


Abstract Potrait Ideas

It’s GCSE final art exam time, and I have decided to create a piece that combines portrait art and surrealist/abstract styles. Here are a couple of strange, preliminary ideas, whereby some of the face is fully rendered where others aren’t – a lot of fun to draw!



Surreal Lion Oil Painting

For my GCSE art coursework final piece, I coalesced the themes of surrealism and romanticism into one, along with the ideas of nature and force. Consequently, after hours of painting, I have completed this surreal lion concept – the romanticism part being shown in the mountains in the background. This was great fun to paint, especially when creating the rock textures in the landscape with the oil paints and going into detail with the very extravagant mane of the lion.

Inspiration for this piece included artists such as Albert Bierstadt and Thomas Moran for the romanticism, and Ellen June and Peter Mohrbacher for the surrealism.


Jamie Cullum Illustration

I decided to create another piece in a similar style to that of my “Fantastical Animals” series, although this time with a person – in this case, the incredible Jamie Cullum. He is a huge inspiration to me music wise, so I thought he would be the perfect individual to try out this surreal type of approach to portrait painting. I enjoyed creating the weird doodle-like craziness that surrounds him, so I’ll most likely be using it more often in the future! Painted digitally in sketchbook pro on a Cintiq 13hd.

P.s – Happy New Year!!

Collection piece

PigPen Theatre Co. Drawing

In my admiration for this band, PigPen Theatre Co., I took some time to draw them! This was a lot of fun to complete, not only because of my love for their music, but also for the enjoyment of drawing their very expressive faces! I have also recently begun to experiment more with technical pencils with led widths of 0.5mm, which I have found very nice to use, especially when detailing. All in all, I’m happy with how this piece has turned out.

Ps. Check out their music, they are definitely worth a listen!

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 13.33.31

Nature vs Humanity Illustration

As a submission to a new contest – named ‘nature vs humanity’ – in an online art community I am part of called Brush Sauce Theatre, I have created this piece! The main implication from this illustration is to show that nature will eventually take over humanity, hence the despairing pose from the soldier and the towering authority of the incoming wave.

humanity vs nature