A new Doodle Design

Being at school a lot of the time, I don’t always get much chance to do a lot of art. However, I was asked by a friend on the bus to design an ipad case in a doodle design. He had seen my Sincy Sketches page on Facebook an decided to ask for one. It was a lot of fun and I wish I could do more of these! So if anyone is interested, check out my page Sincy Sketches



Pianist: Digital Composition

For a while now, I have been wondering what to create as a digital composition. So, after a lot of thinking, I decided to link my passion for art, with my passion for music. I also linked it with my love for playing piano as well, and finally came up with this piece. I have created a very obvious focal point, which is the pianist of course, although I wanted to make it extremely eye-drawing like that, to make the rest of the piece seem very mysterious. A light source of some sort is pointing directly at him, and I also given him a red jacket, to catch the eye as well.


My first environmental painting

So this is my very first, environmental concept painting. This is digital, and it was just a way of getting a feeling for concept and environmental design. I got references from photos I took in the woods of different little wooden structures and logs which sparked an idea for this. It tends to set the scene of a dark, mysterious cave or fortress, with a character crouching and gazing at it in the foreground. I am not completely happy with it, but then this is my first environmental composition. I could improve on so many things, although I was also trying to achieve that mysterious, dark feel, which I feel like I have achieved to a good enough level:)

All comments are welcome:)


An old drawing

This was a piece I did around a year ago, when I was 13 and took around 8 hours overall! Probably the longest I’ve spent on a piece, although I was very happy with it.
This was the time where I was really enjoying just drawing other things, and develop my skill of shading, using a wide range of values, getting the different textures correct etc. πŸ™‚


League of Legends – Digital painting copy

Now that I am so intrigued and interested in digital concept art, I have been practising, watching videos, listening to podcasts, visiting other blogs, and much more to get better and learn more about it. One technique I have used to get better at digital painting, ( which is of course very important for concept art ) is by just painting copies of other images. This way I can get used to the tools in photoshop, the best techniques for blending colours, rendering, lighting etc.

Therefore, I decided to paint this character called Ryze from a game called League of Legends. It took a while and it was difficult to grasp the right colours and shapes, as I’m new to digital painting. Although, I am happy with it and all comments and ideas for improvement are welcome:)

ryze drawing

Doodling: My introduction and Sincy Sketches

As a person who loves to draw and sketch, I’m always doodling and drawing little images in my schoolbook or just randomly sketching for the fun of it. I’m always fascinated by these crazy, intricate doodles by awesome artists and I have wanted to doodle like that for ages. Therefore, I started doodling like it myself, and started to develop a style. This is a style where I have a name or a word in the middle and build up the doodle from around that.

After practising these doodles many times in my sketchbooks, I have finally started to be happy with these pieces. So, a few weeks ago, I decided to create a Facebook page for my doodles, called Sincy Sketches. With this page, I promote these designs and sell phone case designs with these designs on them. The client for these phone cases can ask for whatever name or word they want in the middle, and then I would doodle around that, with whatever they ask for. This means the phone case is completely unique and personal to them. If anyone is interested, visit my Sincy Sketches page on facebook πŸ™‚ : Sincy Sketches

2014-07-26 16.17.33

A digital creation

This creation took a long time, and was pretty much my first composition, and not a copy of another image. As I have just started digital and concept art, there are of course many things I could have done better, such as the way I use my layers, the colours I used, the lighting etc. Although, overall I was very happy, considering this was my first composition.Β Any comments and ideas for improvement are welcome.