Doodling: My introduction and Sincy Sketches

As a person who loves to draw and sketch, I’m always doodling and drawing little images in my schoolbook or just randomly sketching for the fun of it. I’m always fascinated by these crazy, intricate doodles by awesome artists and I have wanted to doodle like that for ages. Therefore, I started doodling like it myself, and started to develop a style. This is a style where I have a name or a word in the middle and build up the doodle from around that.

After practising these doodles many times in my sketchbooks, I have finally started to be happy with these pieces. So, a few weeks ago, I decided to create a Facebook page for my doodles, called Sincy Sketches. With this page, I promote these designs and sell phone case designs with these designs on them. The client for these phone cases can ask for whatever name or word they want in the middle, and then I would doodle around that, with whatever they ask for. This means the phone case is completely unique and personal to them. If anyone is interested, visit my Sincy Sketches page on facebook 🙂 : Sincy Sketches

2014-07-26 16.17.33


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