Digital Dinosaur Painting

A few weeks ago a friend on my bus, quite randomly, asked me to create a piece of artwork for him… with a payment! So of course, I went along with it and created this piece for him and the idea he wanted. It was originally a rather strange piece to be asked to create, giving me doubts to whether I would end up being happy with it. However, after a lot of perseverance and time, I am finally happy with it. A lot of research into composition, lighting and techniques in photoshop went into this, leading to this final piece! Hope you all like it! 🙂

dinosaur design


Ink Drawing – Shells

This is a piece for one of my school art assessments, which was to research an artist called John Ruskin and make a transcription of one of his pieces. I loved this piece of his and decided to make a copy of it with coloured inks! It is an awesome media to work with, and you can make a lot of detail and still create a colourful piece. This is a technique I definitely recommend and definitely something I will work with more!