Pastel Crab!

Using pastels is a lot of fun – especially when blending colours and shades together, as the different colours of fine powder run smoothly together with the stroke of a finger. Of course, a huge amount of smudging goes into this type of media, and there is quite a lot of mess as a result! However, I love using pastels, in particular when drawing things such as crabs, where there is a lot of bold, coloured gradients where smudging usually brings a good look. Although, the only down side is, unless you have a pencil pastel, (if that is what it is called) it can be rather difficult to add a lot of detail. Nonetheless, here is another piece for my marine life GCSE project – a crab!

2014-11-25 20.55.11


Human Figure Drawing!

As an aspiration of mine is to become a concept artist or illustrator, I will need to have a good understanding of the fundamentals of drawing. This includes perspective, anatomy, lighting… there is quite a lot to know about. Although, without them, you won’t get any where! So, I have recently studied how the human figure is drawn, how the main structures work, how to draw it at different angles and much more. Here are some of my little sketches to practise these!

If you want to practise these, here’s a great website:

2014-11-24 21.36.34 2014-11-24 21.36.37 2014-11-24 21.36.39

Eye Drawings

Drawing eyes can be a lot of fun, as they have a lot of detail and expression which can present an emotion. I drew these two eyes around a year ago, the first using only pencil and the other using both pen and pencil.
The second was especially fun to draw, because of the amount of detail involved and the challenge of the wrinkles.
Hope you like them:)



Jellyfish Doodle

If you have seen some of my other posts on this blog, then you will know I love to doodle! Along with my GCSE art Marine life theme, I have created this piece, by mixing doodling with a jellyfish! It was great fun to draw and if you like these designs, then:

Check out my Facebook doodle page! : Sincy Sketches

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Sketching Ideas for a Personal Piece

For my art GCSE course, the first step of the journey has been aimed at marine life. I have started to love this theme and I’ve been painting and drawing shells, jellyfish and other sea related things a lot recently. That then inspired me, along with the latest imagine fx magazine (art magazine- this month directed at creature design) to create a personal piece which is quite out of the ordinary, but still related to the marine life theme.

I have just started sketching out an idea and I’m pretty happy with it. It started off with a detailed sketch of some shells, until giving me the idea of making them the “hair” of a person. I started to depict a moody looking character with sea-like shells and stuff covering his face. Hopefully, this idea will carry on into a painting soon!