Inspiration and my Influences

As a young artist, I’m constantly seeing and finding new art and artists which inspire me. Whenever I see a piece which visually strikes me or grabs my attention for a long time, I usually end up getting on Google and entering the artists name straight away to find more work of his/hers.

Firstly, my greatest influence in concept and digital art so far is Feng Zhu. He has an art school in Singapore, directed at art production and a youtube channel showing class demos and how he goes through paintings. Feng Zhu not only shows artistic techniques, but he also gives extremely detailed and helpful information on references for paintings, how the gaming industry works, how to approach art work and much more.

Chris Oatley is an ex-Disney artist who has started a website to help those in digital art and design.

Noah Bradley is a freelance artist who creates incredible, striking artwork on the fantasy side.

And Concept Cookie on youtube creates brilliant tutorials and demos for digital  and concept artists.

These are just a very of my influences at this moment in time, but of course, many more will come across in the future, but I urge everyone to check out these people, as they give incredible guidance and create fantastic artwork all of the time.


Noah Bradley’s “Our grasp of Heaven”

feng zhu

Feng Zhu – “Rebel Drone design”


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