Digital Fish Drawing

Carrying on once again in the marine life subject, here’s a fish drawn digitally on a Cintiq in a programme called Mischief. This piece was influenced by an old etching artist called James D Smillie, who uses a lot of line work and cross hatching to describe his forms. I used this as an influence and inspiration for this piece and this was the result! You may notice the link between the cross hatching behind the fish here and the same cross hatching behind the portrait in one of my recent transcriptions of a James D Smillie piece, showing how his work has influenced my own. Here is a link to that recent piece:

Hope you like it! 🙂

Line work Fish


Short Story Illustration!

Recently, I have been spending a lot of my time on this piece, which is an illustration for a fellow blogger on WordPress. It depicts a mysterious character called the Watcher and gives an image for a very short story. This was done digitally and I had fun focusing on the lighting, which creates a dramatic effect to make the Watcher seem more mysterious. The bright sunlight casts a shadow over him, causing him to have very dull colours, compared to the surrounding brighter colours. It was also interesting to experiment with the blur tool in photoshop, to blur out the background and bring more focus into the main character, much like a camera would.

Hope you like it!
Here’s a link to the short story if you would like a read! :


Coloured Pencil Fox

This piece idea recently came to mind when I recently got a set of 5 coloured pencils, all around the same colour. It just so happened that I found this image on the internet of a fox, which fitted these colours exactly! I haven’t been the greatest fan of coloured pencils in the past, but this seems to go well. 🙂


Etching Transcription to Pencil

An art assignment of mine was to research and make a transcription of a piece from an etching artist. After a short time of googling I had found a brilliant one! James D Smillie (1800’s) popped up and I instantly loved his work, so I decided to do some research on him, and this is my transcription. Originally, this was an etching self-portrait by Smillie, created on zinc, although I have done my own in pencil. Hope you like it. 🙂

james d smillie

Digital landscape Painting Master Study

This piece took an incredibly long time to finish, but I have finally completed this master study. It is originally a painting by the old master, Albert Bierstadt and I have digitally painted a copy of it, as it can be an excellent way to learn.

I advise other artists to use master studies as a way to progress, because of the great amount of visual information you can gain as a result of just copying what the original painter has done. This is my very first study and I can already tell how much I have learnt, especially when painting landscape aspects such as rocks and trees.

This was done using a cintiq 13hd and photoshop CS6. Hope you like it 🙂