Digital Fish Drawing

Carrying on once again in the marine life subject, here’s a fish drawn digitally on a Cintiq in a programme called Mischief. This piece was influenced by an old etching artist called James D Smillie, who uses a lot of line work and cross hatching to describe his forms. I used this as an influence and inspiration for this piece and this was the result! You may notice the link between the cross hatching behind the fish here and the same cross hatching behind the portrait in one of my recent transcriptions of a James D Smillie piece, showing how his work has influenced my own. Here is a link to that recent piece:

Hope you like it! 🙂

Line work Fish


2 thoughts on “Digital Fish Drawing

  1. This is really nice! I’d suggest watermarking you artwork you display here so no one steals it, that would be a great shame. Even just your blog title in the corner or something.

    I’m definitely following you now, I’m intrigued by your aesthetic & your attention to detail when describing your inspiration. Xoxo, Sam.

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