Ben Howard Drawing Time Lapse video

A YouTuber I have had recent contact with suggested I should make a YouTube channel of my own for drawing time lapses. This was a brilliant idea and I gave it a try! This was only quite a quick drawing to give myself an idea of how to work the whole time lapse thing and after a while of editing the footage and getting the music sorted, I created the video! For copyright reasons I cannot post the video here, although I can give a link! :
It would be great if you had a look and all feedback is welcome. 🙂

2015-02-18 20.04.38


Thomas Moran Master Study

This was a lot of fun and took a significantly shorter time to do than the last master study I did on an Albert Bierstadt painting, as I decided to go for a much more loose and less refined style, focusing on getting the colour and light correct. This was also done in sketchbook pro, which I’m growing to love for its painterly feel. I’m aiming to get better at landscape painting and according to the great Noah Bradley, master studies like these are the best thing to do!

Thomas Moran master study

Gareth Evans Portrait

Gareth Evans is a brilliant guitar tutor on Youtube, who creates awesome videos on how to play particular songs. I have been following Gareth and Goliath Guitar Tutorials for a while and one of his recent posts related to fan art… This inspired me to draw him and here is the final product! I even sent it to him and he loved it! He even suggested that I could create designs for his website, youtube etc. in the future – I was thrilled!

gareth evans drawing