Day 7 & 8 – 21 days – Albert Bierstadt and Thomas Moran Studies

After being unable to complete a master study yesterday due to a concert, I have, unfortunately, had to use an old study for day 7. However, day 8 has been a bit more successful! Another Albert Bierstadt study, this time with a much warmer palette to the previous studies I have done of his paintings, which I seem to prefer. To see the Thomas Moran study, visit my old post here!

Albert Bierstadt master study #3


Day 6 – 21 Days – Frederic Edwin Church Master Study

A little bit different from the previous master studies, this time focusing more on the sky rather than mountainous structures. I have always had problems picturing clouds, therefore, Church’s brilliant painting was perfect to do a study on!

Frederic Edwin Church Master study

21 Days to be a Better Artist – Master Studies #1 & #2

Following a recent post by an artist I greatly admire, Noah Bradley, I have started the 21 day challenge to become a better artist, starting with a couple of master studies! These are becoming an extremely enjoyable practise of mine, and I am trying to speed up my process by becoming more fluid and free with my line-work to gain the overall feel of the piece, rather than worrying about every little detail. To begin, I have completed two studies of for the first two days – a George Arnald and John Martin painting. More will be coming!

John Martin master study George Arnald Master study

A new Doodle Bag!

After a lot of wear and tear from my previous schoolbag which I doodle on, I decided it was time to create a new one! Again, this was doodled over with a black sharpie pen and took around 2 hours. 😊
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