Day 21 – 21 Days – Fox Character Illustration!

The 21 day challenge has been completed! I am pretty happy with all the studies I have completed each day and I feel like I have learnt quite a lot! To finish it all off, I have created this fox character illustration, which in all honesty, I found a bit too bizarre for the majority of the time I was painting it. However, after a few design adjustments and becoming used to its flamboyant tail features, I quite like how it has turned out! Studies such as the Edwin Landseer master study would have greatly helped this piece.

Fox illustration


Day 20 – 21 Days – Illustration Idea

For the last couple of days in this challenge, I’m going to work on my own illustration. This is going to be a fox with a very unique tail… Hopefully, previous studies will help with this and my love for doodling and patterns will give the tail of this character a nice design. To start, I have created a traditional sketch to get the idea down, which will most likely be adapted a lot in digital tomorrow! 


Day 15 – 21 Days – Original Landscape Creation

The previous study of clouds inspired me to create my own landscape painting, as I felt that I haven’t made anything of my own for a long time! In all honesty, I was very happy with how this came out, especially in the contrast between the brightness of the clouds and the darker surroundings. It is all digitally painted with a photo of stars edited in the background. This was a lot of fun and I’m sure il do more like this!

Original Landscape Composition