Here are a couple cloud pieces, one is a pencil drawing using mostly a smudging tool for the majority of the process and the other is an acrylic painting of a more stormy, almost tornado-like cloud formation! image image


New Phone Case Doodle Design!

Here is a new doodle phone case design! This time for me as I have a new phone! If you are interested in buying a phone case with a design like this, visit my Facebook page –¬† where you can find all of the details and where you can contact me for information! Here is also the time lapse video for this piece, accompanied with some of my own piano music! :

My doodle 2

Shell Self Portrait Painting

Taking inspiration from the old painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo and the modern sculpture artist Jason DeCaires Taylor, I have finally finished this final piece for my marine life project at school! Previous observational drawings and studies greatly helped this painting process, especially in the detail and form of the shapes. Other developments toward this piece included other works such as my head sculpture which you can find here. Hope you like it!

Flying Eagle Digital Painting

So after a while of not posting due to a lot of school work, I have finally found the time to do a new piece! This time a flying eagle painted digitally in Sketchbook Pro, which will go towards my new art project school on the subject of the ‘force of nature’. I was quite pleased with how it turned out and I also recorded the process! Watch the time lapsed video of this process here!¬†

eagle painting