Mysterious Wolf Illustration

I am finally coming to the end of my NeonMob collection of fantastical animals! I still have a few more to post here, although if you want to see them now, go and visit my Instagram – @bsincyart !

wolf illustration


Art that inspires me

Nearly a year ago, I created a similar post to this about the inspirations and influences of my artwork. Now, prompted by the ‘august artist appreciation month’ and Patience Brewster’s (<– check out their website for unique, arty gifts!) project to kickstart a conversation between artists about inspiration, I have decided to post another!

Firstly, the artists that I mentioned last year still inspire me today, so instead of repeating myself, you can read about those here and I will add on to them now!

Since I have grown to enjoy illustration more than concept art over the past year, shown by my recent fantastical animals illustrations, artists such as Trent Kaniuga, Peter Mohrbacher, Aaron Blaise, Adam Duff and James Gurney have been among the many artists that have driven me to create more. This is for not only their incredible artist talent and ability, but also their unstoppable passion for what they do. For example, all of them have YouTube channels dedicated to sharing their knowledge on all types of topics in art. Adam Duff in particular not only has tutorials for technical painting, but also does talks on the reality and business behind being an artist/illustrator. This advice and knowledge is incredibly useful for an aspiring illustrator due to the wisdom and experience they hold and has inspired me greatly to paint more and more. There are of course many other sources of inspiration for me, although the talent and professionalism from every artist I have mentioned not only affects me but also thousands of other aspiring and already established artists around the world.

The Youtube channels of the artists I have mentioned:

Trent Kaniuga:

Peter Mohrbacher:

Aaron Blaise:

Adam Duff:

James Gurney:

Diamond Snake illustration

I have never properly drawn diamonds or crystals before, so to jump straight into it without practise before this piece was quite risky. However, even though I know I haven’t caught the gem/crystal-look perfectly, I feel like I have made a decent enough job to make this illustration part of my NeonMob, fantastical animals collection!

snake illustration